Auto Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

Auto Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

Car Accident Victims Rights Lawyers

If you are one of the many people in San Antonio dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you are not alone. Not only are accidents a common occurrence with many victims in a situation like yours, but you also don't have to face legal action after a car accident without guidance.

The legal team at White Law Firm takes our representation of accident victims very seriously. We are passionate about getting the justice that injured clients deserve, and we don't hold back when fighting for your rights. Contact our office today to find out how an experienced San Antonio car accident attorney can fight for you.

Auto Accident Attorneys in San Antonio

Dedicated auto accident attorney in San Antonio

At the White Law Firm, we understand the safety hazards that are faced every day on the roads of the San Antonio area. We know that a collision can happen in a moment yet have a lasting impact on your life. What may seem like an inconvenience can turn into ongoing physical, mental, and financial stress.

When it comes to an injury, the last thing on your mind is how to file an insurance claim and fight for a full settlement. Instead, we're here to help. Our firm gets to know you, your family, and what's most important to you, and then we create the most effective plan to achieve your goals.

Your accident and injuries are unique, so we take a unique approach to each case. You will receive representation and personal attention with your case from start to finish. We consider personal injury representation not a job but a calling in life. We work every day for our clients and their best interests.

There is a reason our firm has received many awards and recognitions for our legal services. To learn more about our passion and how we can apply it to your situation, contact our office for a free discussion.

Some of our auto accident case results

Because every case is different, the results of past cases can never guarantee what you may receive. However, the results of our cases reflect our commitment to excellence and how we fight for maximum compensation for every client.

Some of our auto accident case results include:

  • A family that lost a loved one after a vehicle hit a car in the rear will receive $10,250,000.
  • $1,375,000 for a sheriff's deputy client who responded to an accident when a truck struck him, causing head, neck, and back injuries.
  • $1,300,000 for a client injured when a distracted driver rear-ended his car.
  • $421,345 for a client injured due to a defective vehicle part.

Obviously, the extent of your losses and injuries will determine how much money you receive in compensation. However, we are more than capable of handling high dollar-value claims arising from auto accidents.

San Antonio Auto Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Nation's Top 100 Trial Lawyers A car accident can be heartbreaking, and you have many questions and concerns. Below are answers to some questions that customers commonly ask us. If you need help with a specific situation, don't hesitate to contact our office directly for a free case evaluation and consultation about your rights and options.

Can I file a lawsuit if the driver who hit me was drunk?

Yes. There are two parallel legal avenues if a drunk driver has injured you. First, if the motorist causes substantial physical harm, the state may file a criminal prosecution against them, and they may be subject to harsh punishment. Second, you can file a civil lawsuit against the responsible driver that will pay you for your injuries.

Different standards of proof apply in criminal and civil trials. The prosecution in a criminal case must establish the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, you must prove the defendant's liability by a preponderance of the evidence.

Numerically, the difference is 100% versus 51%. It doesn't matter if the driver has a criminal conviction. You can still meet your burden of proof. If the driver pleads guilty to DWI charges, you can use that plea as evidence in your civil case.

What if the responsible driver lacks insurance coverage to pay for my injuries?

The amount of insurance the other motorist must carry to cover you is out of your hands. They may have signed up for a lower-rate insurance policy or obtained minimal coverage. The good news is that you don't have to pay for their myopic behavior.

Hopefully, your policy has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage attached. If you do, you may be able to make a claim against your insurance policy for any losses that the insurance of the other motorist does not cover. Refrain from assuming that dealing with your insurance company will be easy. They don't even want to write you a check and will cut your losses. You'll have to deal with your insurance company the way you would with anyone else.

If both insurance coverages are insufficient to cover the loss, the other driver will be personally liable, although the judgment is difficult to enforce and collect.

Can I sue the company for my car accident injuries?

You may file a lawsuit against a corporate defendant in a number of circumstances involving an automobile accident. In the first, he was injured by a driver who was working at the time of the accident.

There is a legal principle called respondeat superior. In Latin, it means "let the teacher answer." For you, this means you can sue a company after your employee injured you while acting within the scope of their employment. Because they have greater insurance, you want corporate defendants in your lawsuit.

You can also sue a company when it was responsible for a defect in your car that caused your injury. When a firm creates or distributes a faulty product, it may be held accountable. For example, your car's brakes or tires could fail and cause you to crash. Other lawsuits allege that a design flaw in the car was responsible for the rollover accident.

How long do I have to file a car accident claim?

Like all states, Texas has a statute of limitations that governs all personal injury cases. In Texas, the law says you have two years from the date you were injured or should have known you were injured to file a lawsuit. If you do not meet this date, the court may not have jurisdiction over your case, and you will lose the right to file a lawsuit entirely. There are a few exceptions to the statute of limitations, which the courts strictly interpret.

Never wait until the deadline is approaching to initiate legal action. Otherwise, you'll lose key evidence to prove a claim only available to you for a limited time. In practice, you should call an attorney immediately after your car accident.

What if the insurance company tries to hold me responsible for the accident?

Insurance companies may reduce your financial recovery or hold you responsible for the accident. You can't recover from your injuries, and many people give up at this stage.

However, the fact that the insurance company tries to blame you doesn't mean you are at fault. Your car accident attorney can provide evidence of the insured driver's negligence to support your liability claims. Keep going even with an attorney reviewing your case during the claims process. Your lawyer will defend you when an insurance company tries to accuse you of wrongdoing.

Why should I not trust the insurance company's initial settlement offer?

You should always approach a car accident settlement as a negotiation. You are legally entitled to financial compensation from the insurance company for what they are trying to pay you and to settle the case. The less the insurance company pays you, the more money it makes. So, you can always count on some negotiation tactics to put your chip down.

Insurance companies never offer their best. No one does this in negotiations because the other side always sees it as an initial offer. You can always hope that the insurance company has more room to expand its offering in the future. They expect you to say yes to anything they offer, so it makes sense that they put something in front of you.

Claimants can expect an ongoing negotiation, so be prepared for the lengthy back-and-forth with the insurance company. Your attorney knows how to handle negotiations and will inform you of progress. Remember that a settlement offer is just an offer, and you are in control of your case (with the help of your attorney).

What happens in an initial consultation with a car accident attorney?

An initial consultation is the first time you speak with a potential attorney. At this point, they are still not your attorney. You and the attorney are meeting to determine if you want to work together. From your perspective, you need to know your legal options and how a potential case might proceed. You can also get an estimate of what your case might cost.

From your attorney's perspective, they want to know more about your case. Your lawyer also has a stake because he is acting for you immediately. They don't get paid if you don't, so they don't want to take a weak case. The hope is that you will both learn enough to mutually decide to have an attorney represent you in your car accident case.

If you hire this attorney, you must explain to them the entire representation agreement. Only sign something knowing the contract terms, including how your rates work. Before proceeding with a specific attorney, you should be comfortable with a contingency plan.

Should I listen to the insurance adjuster when they give me advice?

An insurance adjuster works for a company that may owe you money. Their interests are not aligned with yours. Your goal is to reduce costs for your employer. So, it would be best to be careful while working with the adjuster. Be careful what you tell them, and take what they say with a grain of salt.

The adjuster may tell you that you do not need to hire an attorney for your case. The insurance company wants you to be alone because that's how they save money. They want you to be ignorant of your powers and trust them completely. This is when they will use all tactics to reduce the amount you need to pay. Please don't listen to the insurance company when it tells you you can handle them yourself.

Can an injured passenger claim for injury in an accident?

Passengers also have legal rights just like any other vehicle in an accident. A passenger can sue the driver responsible for their injuries, whether the driver of their vehicle or another vehicle. If you're hurt, your friend or family will not pay out of pocket. Instead, it's your insurance company that will write the check.

Don't let anything stand in the way of filing a claim, as you are legally entitled to receive money for your injuries. An attorney will help you determine who was at fault for the accident so that you can file a claim against your insurance. Things can get complicated when you are an injured passenger, and an attorney will help you sort out your legal situation.

What do I do with accrued medical bills while my claim is pending?

Although your health insurance company may cover its share of your medical expenses, it will only cover some things. Standard rules apply, and you may still owe your share of copays and deductibles. You may still owe money before your claim is resolved. It can take a long time to settle your case, so creditors may come to your door today.

A car accident attorney can negotiate with your medical creditors to get you more time to pay your bills or even pay less. Ultimately, you will be reimbursed for the out-of-pocket amount to doctors and hospitals.

When you receive your settlement or jury award, you must also reimburse your health insurance company for the amount you have already established. Therefore, it is important to negotiate a large enough settlement that you have money left over to cover necessary expenses and damages.

What places in San Antonio have the most accidents?

San Antonio has two roads that run through the city. Loop 1604 and Loop 410 are loop roads that bypass city streets and are used by thousands of drivers daily. Because these are bypass roads, drivers can speed up and put others at risk.

According to one report, Loop 1604 saw about three car accidents per day. The same report states that Loop 410 at I-35 is considered the most dangerous road in the city. After Loop 410, I-35 itself is sometimes treacherous for drivers. The good news for San Antonio drivers is that the significant width of the 1604 loop will make it safer in the future.

In addition, Interstate 10 is heavily trafficked by cars and trucks. He and I-35 see a lot of accidents. On average, one car accident occurs on a busy highway every three days.

Off the roads, many accidents happen on city streets and intersections. Some of the most dangerous intersections in San Antonio are:

  • Highway 151 and Loop 410
  • Flagg Road and Loop 1604
  • Loop 1604 and Highway 281
  • Loop 410 and San Pedro Avenue
  • IH 10 and Loop 1604
  • Rigsby Avenue and Loop 410
  • Loop 410 and Old Seguin Road
  • State Highway 151 and West Military Drive
  • Poplar Ranch Parkway and Westwood Loop
  • Car accident statistics

Texas had the most fatal traffic accidents of any state in recent years, with 3,615 people losing their lives in collisions. Most of these deaths occurred in urban areas such as San Antonio. Bexar County recently recorded 225 traffic-related deaths: 197 on urban and 28 on rural roads.

In addition to fatal accidents, there are many incidents where people live but sustain life-changing injuries. Statewide, someone was injured in a car accident every two minutes and three seconds that year. That number was 15,855 people who reported serious injuries related to car accidents.

If you've been in a car accident, we know you're more than a statistic. We know you have real concerns and struggles, and we're ready to address them. Talk to our team to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

Risks of Traffic Accidents in San Antonio

In recent years, reports have indicated that San Antonio ranks as the 13th most trafficked in Texas for several reasons. Also, Bexar County has some of the most dangerous roads in Texas.

Some particularly dangerous streets across the county include:

  • Snake Alley
  • white road
  • Military unit
  • State Highway 16
  • US Highway 281
  • US Highway 90
  • Loop 1604
  • IH-35
  • HI-10
  • Loop 410

Additionally, San Antonio has certain areas with high rates of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Accidents happen in many different parts of the city, including Downtown, South Side, East Side, North Central, Northeast, and more.

Because the Riverwalk is one of Texas's most popular attractions for residents and visitors, the area is often crowded with cars and people on foot. Many people relax and enjoy a nice dinner or live music in this area, which increases the risk of drinking and driving.

These are just a few of the many dangers around San Antonio, and many factors cause accidents in other cities. These include commute traffic, interstates, dangerous intersections, increasing numbers of rideshare drivers, and more.

What to do after a car accident

After a serious accident, it can take some time for the dust to settle. Once you are diagnosed and begin treatment, the stress of your financial losses may mount. You can protect your rights after an accident.

Continue your medical treatment

Once you have a treatment plan, you need to make sure you stick to it. This means going to all follow-up appointments, physical therapy sessions, and more. Continuing your treatment will show that you are serious about your recovery. If you skip or stop treatment, the insurance company may argue that your injuries are not as serious as it claims, and they will try to limit your financial recovery.

Don't let concerns about the cost of treatment keep you from getting the care you need. Let us recover your medical bills from the party that caused your accident.

Stay away from social media

It can be tempting to go online and tell all your followers what happened to you or how you're recovering from an injury. However, this may jeopardize your insurance claim. If you say the wrong thing or misrepresent your injuries, an insurance investigator can see it and use it against you.

Even posting seemingly unrelated comments or photos online can negatively impact your claim. If you claim your injury is causing pain and suffering but post a photo of yourself at a birthday party, you may be sending the wrong message. This is true even if you have good days and bad days with your injuries. It's best to stop posting anything or discuss your social media activity with a lawyer before doing anything.

Contact a San Antonio car accident attorney

Once you feel well enough to do so, you should speak with a San Antonio car accident attorney who can assess your rights.

The many benefits of hiring an attorney as soon as possible include the following:

  • Make sure you stay within the two-year statute of limitations for injury claims in Texas if you need to file a car accident lawsuit.
  • Help ensure that evidence, including video, eyewitness accounts, or physical evidence, is not destroyed or lost.
  • Although calling a lawyer can be stressful, it will take the stress off your mind because a lawyer can help you in many ways.

Ways to Help a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing how to get compensation and ensuring you get the full amount you want if you have little experience with injury claims.

Together with other things, our automobile accident attorneys frequently assist clients with the following:

  • Examine your circumstances to see if you have a claim.
  • Collection of evidence of fault and liability.
  • File insurance claims against the appropriate party or parties.
  • Negotiate with insurers to offer a favorable settlement.
  • Let you know when a settlement offer is accepted.
  • If necessary, prepare and file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.
  • Manage the litigation process, including the continuation of settlement negotiations and, if necessary, trial.
  • When you have an attorney, you can focus on your physical recovery and let us handle the entire legal process.

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Finding a personal injury attorney can be difficult. If you do a Google search for "San Antonio car accident attorney," you will have thousands of options to choose from. So how should a car accident victim like you find the right lawyer? Below are some factors to consider when looking for a San Antonio car accident attorney.

Good condition with a bar

The Texas Bar Association regulates the practice of law in our state. Part of regulating the profession is to protect consumers from unqualified or incompetent legal advice and representation. At the very least, ensure that the attorney you are considering working with is in good standing with the bar association. You can check an attorney's license status and disciplinary history on the State Bar of Texas website.

Experience managing cases like yours

Lawyers often focus their practice on different areas of law or different types of cases in a particular area. For example, some lawyers practice family law, while others practice bankruptcy. It is in your best interest to find a car accident attorney who has successfully handled cases similar to yours. If your accident were in any way different from a typical car accident, for example, if it involved a commercial vehicle, you would want a lawyer who has handled such cases before.

Transparency in Billing

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they will only charge legal fees once they have obtained a favorable outcome for their clients. Plus, most offer free consultations, so you never have to pay out-of-pocket for legal help after a car accident. Also, any attorney working with you should be clear about how much any settlement or award will cost in legal fees. 30 to 40 percent is common.

A communication style you can handle

One of the clients' most common complaints about their lawyers is their communication. The reality is that personal injury cases can take a long time, and most of that time involves waiting. In some cases, the lawyer may not have anything to report while the case is pending.

As a client, you are entitled to regular updates about your case, so find a lawyer whose communication style matches yours. Some lawyers are comfortable giving their clients their cell phone numbers and communicating via text message. On the other hand, some prefer their staff to interact with their clients and meet with them only a few times during their representation.

Feel free to ask any attorney you speak with how they will contact you. Remember, you are interviewing them, not the other way around.

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