100 Best Ideas for Students Startup a Business in 2023

100 Best Ideas for Students Startup a Business in 2023

Starting your business is a great way to generate income while you're in school. But being a student means that your education comes first, so you need to choose realistic ideas that allow you to focus on both your studies and side hustles. But even if you don't manage to do your homework, there are always case study help services where professional writers can do any writing task.

You can use your large amounts of free time by becoming a student entrepreneur. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg developed a program while he was in college, and now Facebook is a part of people's lives. Today, many college & university students are coming up with brilliant ideas and there are many investors out there ready to provide capital and mentorship.

So whether you're in high school or college, you can start your own side hustle that might grow into a successful business. However, you have to be very organized and use your time wisely so that neither of you suffers.

Here are startup ideas you can work on in your spare time.

Photography: As a student, you can invest in a decent DSLR and then work with advertising agencies. Businesses flood their social media with images because these are excellent marketing tools, so photography services will never be replaced. You also go one notch higher and create a photo booth.

Organize trips: Do you love to travel? If so, you can earn some money by scouting out some cities and popular festivals and then organizing trips to visit or attend them. You can start with other students and collect a small commission from them. Then you need to create a website and start marketing such places or events.

Mentoring: Any person can mentor as long as they have a unique skill. For example, many people and children are looking for tutors in math, English, art, and music. Research your local area and see what problems people are having and start counseling services. For example, many immigrants and foreign workers are looking for native English teachers; you can apply for such jobs and start earning while studying.

Videography: There are a wide variety of opportunities for videographers. These include weddings, birthdays, music or film recording, corporate events, or advertising. In fact, the need for video content is increasing as people want to capture a special memory or promote a brand online. At the same time, students often neglect the security points of video content and face the vulnerability of their system. For this purpose, many of them do not forget to contact NordVPN review or other VPN services for their reference and set up special virus blockers. There are no small details in a successful videography startup. Therefore, a student with an eye for the film can start a video startup.

Laundry service: Students hate doing laundry, and as a student entrepreneur you can take advantage of their laziness. You can start by washing, drying, ironing, and delivering your fellow students' clothes for a modest price. You can design and print leaflets to market your services, hire more people, and soon you will have a large business with the necessary equipment and offer laundry services.

Makeup Artist: A student can join the growing makeup artist industry by offering bridal makeup services or prosthetics and special effects. Still, school students attend prom every year, and they do so by the thousands, so you can be their makeup artist.

Fitness instructor: Many people are looking for a private fitness or yoga instructor, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic where social distancing is the new normal. Being a personal fitness trainer means you will be going to people's homes to coach them in improving their health through exercise, yoga, or meditation. Remember, health and fitness have become people's priorities today due to the increased number of lifestyle diseases.

Budget Nutritionist: You can earn nutritionists by researching and creating a list of cost-effective, healthy meals and sharing them on your social media platform or website. Your followers will share with their friends and soon you will have a large following. This will help you get inquiries from people looking for personalized meal plans, brands will contract you to advertise their products, or you can still partner with a fitness coach and sell your packages.

Flyering: Many businesses are looking for people to distribute their leaflets and flyers to attract customers. Getting the necessary paperwork will help you distribute leaflets in busy places, private properties, or universities.

Grocery delivery: People are busy, others are sick, fear going to crowded places and some are still lazy. Amazon has struck a chord with their 2-hour delivery, and so can you. Social media platforms can be used to market your general delivery services. Soon you will be earning a lot of money instead of idling away at university.

Delivery of food to the home: People have busy schedules, so food delivery companies are growing in popularity. Since people love homemade food instead of fast food, you can start a homemade food delivery business where you partner with individuals who sell homemade food and work as delivery people. Still, you can be the one who cooks and hires a delivery person. You can choose what works best for you since you are a student.

Gourmet Cooking: Your fellow students are your target audience for most of these business ideas. Because they don't have enough money to hire a full-time cook, they may choose to make their own pizza, bake a cake, etc. But things may not work out well because of their tight schedule or fatigue. So you can choose to cook for them for a fee during their weekly dinners, or special occasions such as holidays.

Discounts: You can start a discount company where you offer discounts to different clubs or popular places. Then package these offers as a discount card or app and sell them to students or target groups. In addition, you can accept ads on your app or card, which will be an additional source of income.

Become a DJ: Many students become disc jockeys due to increased house parties, student nights, birthday and wedding parties, and other large events outside the university. If you want to play at your friend's event for free in exchange for feedback, ask them to invite you to their party. If they like it, start charging and ask them to recommend you to others. Still, you can market your business on Facebook and Instagram, and when you gain enough experience, you can partner with event companies.

Nightlife Entertainment: Starting a business that supplies venues and promoters with what they need is a great idea. For example, if you belong to a band or are a DJ with sound equipment, you can become their supplier for what they need.

Nightlife Promotions: This starts with being a nightlife promoter for a promo company. Over time, you can become that promo company as you build your following on social media, acquire branding skills and gain access to a network. You can prepare and present a good proposal to a large venue and soon your company will be their promoter and run events in your city.

Campaign: College students have elections, and so you can be a campaigner for a student president aspirant or so. This is because they make a similar effort to a country's presidential candidate, and at times university elections mimic full-blooded government elections. So you can write their speeches, take their videos and share them online, design and print campaign materials or provide other things related to their campaigns.

Flipping Websites: You can start a business by buying existing websites, growing them between 6 months and 2 years, and then selling them for a higher profit. Your audience grows as you review more companies.

Create a listing and review site: You can create a site and post your personal reviews. You review different companies, and the more they are, the bigger your audience. Later, you can collaborate with brands and become an affiliate marketer or influencer.

Podcasting: Just like creating a YouTube channel or a website, podcasting is a profitable niche to consider, especially if you are good at speaking, discussing, and debating. A very successful podcaster can earn as high as $50,000 per episode; however, becoming a professional podcaster takes time and effort. Still, you can start now by choosing your niche, creating a podcast name, making podcasts on viral topics, and being of good sound quality and reasonable length. You can invite your fellow students and family members as your guests, record your podcasts and convert them into YouTube videos.

Motivational app: It is possible to create motivational apps that focus on mental health, personal finance, education, starting a business, and many other topics. The main purpose of such an app is to improve productivity in a positive but fun way. Still, you can get sponsors or brands to run their ads on your app and pay you some money.

Print-on-demand items: A good urban photographer or cartoonist can easily turn their skills into a lucrative business while in school. Posters, framed wall art, and greeting cards can be designed and printed. The internet is flooded with several digital templates and platforms where you can showcase your work yourself without printing them.

However, you can print-on-demand t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies, hats, phone cases, and more. You can sell to your colleagues at school or print t-shirts that wear something your community is proud of or passionate about. Look for a good designer in your area or find one on freelance platforms such as 99Designs, Upwork, Dribble, or Fiverr.

Internship: This is an excellent opportunity to both earn money and put what you study into practice. In fact, getting an internship will help you after graduation because it will equip you with the necessary skills you need in your career. So start applying for internships in various companies like well-known tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. Remember, there is no limit on the number of internships you can take; it all depends on your free time.

Social Media Manager: As mentioned, you can monetize your social media page. However, with this startup idea, you don't need to create your own account and build an audience; instead, you manage other companies' social media handles. This means you interact with their audience on different platforms. This will help brands focus on their core business as you engage their followers, answer their queries, run campaigns, and more.

Web Design and Development: Do you have a good understanding of coding and programming languages? This could change your life if it does. As a startup, you can help businesses establish an online presence. Try reaching out to businesses in your area that don't have websites because their owners think it's unnecessary; probably 20% of them will accept your offer. Help your local electronic stores, hotels, restaurants, and general stores to have a website because this will help them generate online sales and market their promotions and other offers.

App Development: Mobile apps are growing at an incredibly fast rate. Demand for new apps is high, which explains why the Play Store and Apple Store have something every day. You can start a new venture creating mobile apps and sell them to companies while still in college.

UI/UX Designers: The demand for user-oriented interface designs is increasing, as is the need for qualified User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers. If you have these skills, you might want to think about starting a UX/UI design agency.

Online Journalism: Some people are not willing to work in a newspaper or television atmosphere and one can create a blog, YouTube channel, or simply work for an online newspaper/magazine like

Teach English: Before attending a university or college abroad, many international students want to learn English. Still, there are many workers who are looking for jobs abroad, but they are not proficient English speakers. Therefore, you can create a website and start offering writing and speaking skills to students or employees online. In fact, most native speakers make a lot of money teaching their language.

Learn Music: You can start and run your startup online, offline, or both if you are a student with good music skills. However, you can work as a part-time music teacher in a nearby school or organization.

Learn Dance: There is an increased interest in dance television shows and people of various age groups are taking dance classes. You can start offering these classes if you have access to a larger performance area or a commercial space that can be converted into a classroom. Still, there are aspiring YouTubers looking for such a space so you can rent it out when they want to shoot their videos.

Offer cooking classes: Can you cook a delicious meal and are you passionate about cooking? If so, you can build an amazing business out of your passion. Creating videos and uploading them to your YouTube channel and other social media channels allows you to offer cooking classes online without a lot of capital investment. Still, you can create an account with freelance platforms like Upwork and start bidding on cooking classes. You can start your own gym when you gain popularity and get enough capital.

Content Marketing: Businesses struggle to build their online visibility. One of the methods to increase their presence online is to publish high-quality content on a regular basis. It is possible to help them generate content that will drive traffic to their website or social media platforms.

Domain Selling and Buying: People want websites and good domain names for their businesses. This is an old business and most of the valuable domains are already taken; however, you can get a popular domain name and sell it. Still, you can search for interesting blog names that have been dropped or are being sold and start a business selling on-sale or expired domains.

Bookkeeping: Small businesses prefer to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting tasks rather than hiring a permanent resource or making a budget for it. You can be a freelancer or partner with a small accounting agency if you are good at bookkeeping and finances.

Blogging: Starting a website and adding content to it does not require coding knowledge. So a student can choose a web host to create a blog and join the list of over 600 million on the internet today. More than 3.5 billion searches are performed every day, so you will not face significant competition by creating your blog. You can write articles about what you are passionate about, such as how to bake, clean a pet, gardening tips, etc.

Become an affiliate: This starts with creating a YouTube channel or website and then increasing enough traffic. Next, you can sign up with an affiliate network in your niche market or find brands that can pay you a commission to promote their products or services on your channel or website. So you will place an affiliate marketing link on your content and earn every time a buyer clicks on it to purchase an item from that company or subscribe to their services.

Dropshipping: This is a viable option for students who run an e-commerce business and don't have room for inventory. This means you can select products you intend to sell from various suppliers and then list them on your website. When a customer buys the item that is still in the supplier store, you order it from them at a discounted price and then ask the supplier to ship it directly to your customer. A drop shipper is simply a middleman who makes money by selling other people's products.

Freelancing: Having some skills such as logo design, photography, videography, video editing, graphic design, writing, etc. can help you earn a good income while still studying. You can create an account with popular freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and 99Designs and start offering freelancing services.

Ghostwriting: If you're a good writer, you can start a full-time business. This means you can write content for someone else who will feature and get credit for your work. For example, you can ghostwrite a book or course and the other person will offer it as theirs. This is an excellent way to earn money as a student.

Email Marketing: A student who is good at writing emails can start an email marketing business. This is a great idea if you know how to craft subject lines and create unique email marketing campaigns. In fact, businesses are looking for people to help them with their email strategy, and if you can entice recipients, brands will come running to you for help. Still, you can work with platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

Instagram Influencer: Influencers can earn a lot of income from social media platforms. You can become famous just by sharing tips from your favorite niche, posting yoga poses, travel photos, hairstyles, fashion photos, and more. This will help grow your following and soon brands will start contracting with you for collaboration.

Artist: This refers to making art and showcasing it on eBay and Etsy. Apart from these two platforms, you can create your own website and showcase them there or partner with interior designers who will recommend potential buyers for your arts and crafts. Your art will be displayed in homes, cafés, and small restaurants to enhance their appearance.

Monetize Your Social Media: Young generation spends a lot of time on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. Did you know that you can generate a lot of income when you start a page and build a large following? Meme sites, celebrity sites, education sites, and photography sites have many audiences engaging with them, and starting one can help you earn from ads, promotions, sponsored posts, influencer marketing, and more. To create a social media account, post creative content during your free and grow your audience.

Offer online courses: People are no longer interested in reading boring books or writing notes; instead, they look for video courses on everything. As a student, you can create educational content in the fields you are familiar with and upload them on platforms. So a tech student can create courses, sell them online, and get paid for them. Remember, this is not a one-time thing, but you will continue to earn as long as someone is interested in your content.

Offer a language course: You can start teaching a language via Skype, Zoom, or other teleconferencing platforms. This means you can prepare a language course such as French, Chinese, or Spanish and teach people from anywhere in the world. However, you can do it at the university when you receive international students.

Offer writing services: These are services such as essay writing, sales, and marketing copywriting, or proofreading. You can search online about what professional essay writers do and then start your business based on this insight.

Offer design services: If you analyze all the 100 startup ideas, you will find that they require some design. They need websites, flyers, banners, business cards, etc., so if you're an avid artist or studying design, you can use your skills to earn money while in school.

Offer Digital Marketing Services: You can set up a business that offers digital marketing services to local businesses in your area. This means you can help them run social media campaigns, generate SEO-friendly content, and more.

Become a Virtual Assistant: You can help time-strapped people complete tasks such as managing social media accounts, answering emails, and shopping online. Helping people online requires a good internet connection and a computer.

Offer transcription services: A class will never have 100%, so you can offer to transcribe the teacher's words for a fee. However, you can transcribe court proceedings, medical reports, or meeting minutes.

Offer PR Services: Local businesses are looking for a skilled person to help them write their press releases, presentations, pitch decks, and more. You can start a business that offers public relations services while you're still in school.

Translation Services: Students who are proficient in more than one language can start offering translation services. Many companies are looking for translators because as much as English is the primary language, they have clients who speak other languages ​​such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, and more. So you can start a business offering translation services and recruit more translators.

Proofreading and Editing Services: A student with impeccable grammar and spelling and a keen eye can start an online proofreading and editing startup business. You can target individual authors or companies worldwide.

Host Webinars: This business idea can work well when you pair it with coaching. Still, you can do it alone when you are an expert in a certain area. If you're a fitness instructor or nutritionist, you can host webinars, teach people, and download the recording afterward. You can charge people a small registration fee or download it. You can also promote your upcoming webinars on your social media platform and website.

Build a Resume and Resume Writing Business: Many people find it challenging to write about themselves and put into words their accomplishments. A student can start a resume-writing business that can help job seekers write resumes and resume to help them land their dream job. In fact, your schoolmates will be your first customers because they need a resume and cover letter for their internship or job application.

Renovation: A student who loves to restore things to their original condition may find this an interesting job for them. You can dig for antique or vintage treasures and make them look like they did before use or restore them to their former glory. So you will share your passion with others while earning some extra dollars in your spare time.

End of tenancy cleaning: Students are expected to thoroughly clean the entire house. This involves scrubbing walls, windows, carpets, appliances, etc. Hiring a professional cleaning company can be expensive, but you can provide the necessary cleaning at a reasonable price. Although this is a seasonal job, it has huge earning potential.

Cleaning Halls: The business idea is small but self-sufficient. You can market your business around your university or beyond, and soon you'll have a huge commercial cleaning empire with multiple employees and a huge list of offices and malls to clean.

Moving service: People are on the move every now and then. Students must move to their parent's homes or other locations at the end of an academic year. Neighbors also move when they change jobs or are transferred. Starting a moving business where you help them pack and load their items into a truck.

Flipping Burgers: You can start a simple burger shop near your school or mobile that you can use when there is an event or activity at your place. So you can buy frozen burgers in bulk which is very economical and you will probably get huge margins. The only caveat is that you must have the necessary paperwork and adhere to food handling hygiene.

Start a coffee shop: You can start a coffee shop where you serve people, including fellow students, coffee, and snacks. Invest in a cafe with plenty of space where people can hold meetings while having their coffee.

Complete surveys: Complete Checks Companies conduct request exploration to understand their target guests' demographics, preferences, and more. You can get paid surveys online that you complete while sitting on a bus, watching TV, etc. These companies can pay you in cash, gift cards, or vouchers.

New product testing and review: Companies collect reviews before launching their products in the market. You can apply to become their tester in exchange for feedback. This is common with electronics and beauty companies. You can earn a few dollars and get free items from companies that are releasing new products in the market.

Create an accommodation review site: Your fellow students will love it because they need a nice place to stay at university every year. So offering them some reviews will help them find a good place and they will be ready to pay you for similar information.

Become a Market Research Consultant: Brands are desperately looking for customers, and as a student with some spare time, you can do product testing or conduct market research to help them understand their customers' needs and how to address them. They also want to learn about their competitors, so they will pay you handsomely if you can offer them this invaluable insight.

Create your YouTube channel: Hello! Welcome to my channel. Can you say these words with a lot of passion and a smile? Then you are good to go. The demand for live streaming is increasing and today YouTube is a powerhouse for content-on-demand. So choose your niche and make unique and engaging videos. For example, you can learn a language, how to bake, how to crochet, or something else that you are passionate about. So you can invest in a decent camera and microphone and start monetizing your content.

Enter Online Contests: Watch free to enter online contests and earn some decent rewards. While in some contests you may not win money, you could win a new car, phone, vacation, or more.

Offer car washes: It is possible to make a lot of money washing people's cars, but you need to have the right permit. Instead of setting up your own car wash, you can start business washing cars at people's homes or in the parking lot. Since sports clubs and supermarkets have large parking lots, you can approach them and start your car wash business there.

Offer babysitting services: This simply means that you become a babysitter for parents who have busy schedules and cannot afford to pay the high price of daycare. It is an excellent job if you love and enjoy the company of children.

Offer home care: People don't want to leave their homes empty when they go on vacation, especially in areas with a lot of insecurity. Still, other animals have flowers and other plants that need to be cared for when they are gone. So a person will leave you at their house and pay you to water their plants, feed their animals, and clean or repair their property while they are away.

Offer Pet Sitting: Get paid to hang out with an animal. This means that busy pet owners will leave you with their pet during the day, and ask you to feed their rabbits, cats, or dogs when they work or when the family goes on holiday. Living with a friendly pet can be fun, and the fact that you'll earn money makes it even better.

Offer pool cleaning: Cleaning a pool is not an easy task and requires some knowledge. Still, this can be a good job when you have the know- style, and experience of drawing pools. You will have to invest in equipment and products and because of this, you can earn some money, especially in the summer season.

Painting and Decorating: You can improve your painting and decorating skills by watching YouTube videos and then start painting for family, friends, and neighbors for a small fee. Next, you must contact your landlord if you live in shared accommodation at the university as well as other landlords where your classmates live. Soon you will become a popular painting contractor in the city with a large portfolio to show off.

Start a nail salon: So start offering manicure services to your fellow students and friend at a competitive price. However, you need to invest in high-quality products and regularly watch YouTube videos to see what professionals do. Soon you will have a huge customer base that will bring you a significant profit.

Start a baking business: It can be fun to bake cakes, bread, biscuits, cookies, and other goods. You can turn this hobby into a lucrative business if you love to bake and have the necessary equipment. Create a website for your bakery business and display your products there, or still market them on social media.

Start an ice cream stall: This is a part-time business idea that can generate a handsome profit. You can make different flavors of ice cream at home or partner with someone who is good at it and then sell it at a mobile or fixed ice cream stand near a college or on a busy street. Still, you can advertise your new ice cream flavors or specials on social media sites and offer to deliver to your neighborhood customers.

Become a hairdresser: Getting service from a professional salon can cost a lot of money. You will be charged more when you enter a high-end salon or request an ambitious style. You can start offering services to your mates at a reasonable price and soon you will have a queue longer than you can handle. All you need is a decent pair of scissors and learn a few tips from YouTube video tutorials and you'll start cutting their hair.

Become an event planner: Do you have excellent organizational skills and are you passionate about planning events? If so, there is a good job for you. You first start by organizing your friend's birthday, graduation party, anniversaries, or other small indoor events. This will help you get lots of supplier contacts for decoration, music, food, drinks, and venue. Next, you can move to larger outdoor events such as weddings and more.

Textbook Exchange Services: This is a classic startup site for college students because it is extremely easy to start and grow. You can start by creating an app or website where students in the same institution can upload their used textbooks so that others can either rent or buy them. This is a less hectic business because the demand for textbooks is seasonal; you're only busy at the start of the semester, and then the buying season kicks off until the next one.

Resell used books: You can offer to buy your classmates' used textbooks at the end of the semester at a fairly low price and sell them either online or to the next group of students taking the same module. This means that you will buy them at a fairly low price and then sell them for a reasonably higher price than you got them, but less than the actual cost of a new copy.

Sell ​​Tickets: As a student, you can keep a record of upcoming events, concerts, and shows, buy their tickets in bulk, and sell them for a profit. You can decide to create an account on ticket exchanges or sell them on your social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. To make it official, you can register your business with the clubs or event organizers to get express permission to sell them.

Sell ​​your notes: You can compile good notes from your study material and earn serious money from it. So create a profile, upload your notes, and set a price on a platform like Stuvia. Still, you can give them a free preview to motivate them to pay for your notes and set a fair price because your primary target is students.

Sell ​​Jewelry: Making jewelry is not the hand because it is something you can learn with the help of YouTube tutorials. However, you need to produce in large quantities to get great results. To identify a niche, make jewelry targeted at them, and market them where they visit the most, such as on social media.

Sell ​​used clothes online: You can sell your old clothes and your friends' clothes online. Still, you can go to a charity shop, look for some hidden gems, and sell them online for a profit.

Rent out unused parking space: If you have a house with a parking space outside and you don't have a car, you can rent it out and earn some money. This can be a lucrative business if you live near an airport, train station, or highway and parking are at a premium. Offering your pack at a discount can make you a lot of money at the end of the day.

Natural Cosmetics Maker: You can learn how to make candles, home fragrances, face masks, body scrubs, and soap from natural ingredients, package them and sell them in your online store or offline stores. The claim for your natural cosmetics will raise if they show an expert reply or slave the allowed purpose.

Start an Online Fashion Store: Fashionable people can benefit from sharing their sense of style online. This does not mean becoming a fashion designer; it means curating items from different suppliers and displaying them in your online store using Shopify.

Sell ​​handmade items: There are students with excellent skills such as pottery, crochet, and more. You can start crafting these items and sell them locally to friends. You can still open an online store, but you need to consider how you will ship and manage the inventory when you get customers abroad. You can simply start on a per-order basis until you generate consistent sales.

Trade on eBay: You can purchase things in bulk like headphones, chargers, etc, and deal with them on eBay. However, you can make your own items and sell them online, such as handmade jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, items in the crotch, etc. You only need to invest in some envelopes and packages.

Personal stylist: Are you passionate about fashion and style? Turning a textile into an unforgettable mix or costume can earn you money while in college. Remember, you can perfect your skills using YouTube videos and stay up to date on current trends. However, you can create your own social media page and start giving people tips on how to be stylish or where to shop.

Become a sports coach: So start coaching beginners for a fee. You can start with your university team or a local team and get paid to be their coach.

Grow and sell fresh vegetables and fruits: Grow and deal with brand-new vegetables and fruits You can grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits at home and deal with them with your neighbors, buddies, and others. Still, you can generate a website for them or deal with them on social media. Still, you can create a website for them or market them on social media. People are looking for fresh products and those who sell them make a lot of money.

Get paid to stand in line: Everyone hates standing in line and you can offer a solution for that. You can offer to stand in line on behalf of someone outside a venue to get tickets or other places where advance booking is not possible. So people will pay to endure the misery on their behalf.

Self-publish a book: You can write a good book and sell it if you are creative and have excellent writing skills. Some popular categories include cookbooks, poetry books, comics, wallets, and more.

Computer/Mobile Repair: The number of people using electronic devices has grown dramatically in recent years and this is an excellent starting idea for students. You can earn money by offering repair services when you have the necessary skills. However, avoid such a business if you do not have the necessary skills and intend to subcontract the work.

Mobile Phone Accessories: There is a wide range of phone accessories that you sell. They include earphones, smartphone cases, chargers, screen protectors/screens, and USB-type converters. Your business will grow as the smartphone demand continues to develop. Also, look for unique original products because this demand is before saturated.

Design and sell gadget cases: A creative student can create different cases for electronic gadgets and sell them to their mates. For example, you can design a pencil-like phone case or a binder-like case for laptops. The target is to keep people's electronics safe and away from robbers. 

Currency trading: This is a lucrative and fascinating business idea, especially if you are good with numbers. Still, you must be ready to work long hours and take high dangers. You can trade cryptocurrency or what's generally known as bitcoin, foreign currency, stocks, and more.

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