Where to Submit Short Stories for Money - Nokristart

Where to Submit Short Stories for Money - Nokristart


Short stories are a lucrative way to make money and get your name out there. You can do it in any fiction genre. You don't have to write for long periods, like when working on novels.

Short stories are also easier to sell than longer works. Therefore, if you want to start making some cash from your talent. You see how much attention people are paying you, and then this is the way to go.

Where to Submit Short Stories for Money - Nokristart

You can sell your short stories to publishers

Where to submit short stories for money? You can submit your short fiction stories to publishers. This is the most common way of selling a short story. The publisher pays you an advance on future sales and royalties based on how many copies are sold.

You can publish your work on the Science fiction short stories in online magazines. Online websites accept submissions from original science fiction magazines, such as LitReactor or Pseudopod. These magazines often pay less than publishers. But have a much wider readership because anyone can access them for free.

You can also self-publish e-books with Amazon KDP or another self-publishing service like Draft2Digital, Smashwords, or Lulu. To do this successfully, you must invest some good money upfront into editing services or hiring freelancers. To help creative writing graphics for your book. 

As with any form of self-publishing, most people earn little money from these endeavors because they lack brand recognition. Suppose you're good at writing and marketing yourself as an author and building a fan base through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Then it may be worth considering this route as well!

You can make money with short story writing competitions by selling them online directly to readers (self-publishing).

Self-publishing is a beautiful way to make money as a writer. It's different from traditional publishing because you have more control over the process. You can publish short stories when you want and how you want. This is an ideal method for those who work well on their own.

While self-publishing may seem attractive for many speculative fiction writers, it's not for everyone. Some people prefer to submit their work through the traditional route. The fact that someone else will handle all the details. It lets them focus entirely on writing contests instead of worrying about what comes next.

Some people find that controlling every aspect of their book helps them feel more confident in their success. With complete control over what goes into each book they create, they know exactly what they're getting. 

When they buy one of these books from a bookstore or online store like the short stories on Amazon Kindle Store, either way, it works just fine!
If you decide self-publishing is right for your business. There are still some things worth considering before jumping right into this new venture:

You can get paid to write short stories by writing jobs for clients who need short non-fiction in their publications.

Before you think about how to make money writing short stories, learning some industry jargon is helpful. A client is an individual or organization that hires short story writers for their publications. The publication is the final product, usually a literary magazine or blog post with your story. 

Short flash fiction online refers to any writing story under 5,000 words (including titles and credits). A short story is any written fiction under 7,500 words (including titles and credits).

Short story writing is a profitable way to make money as a writer!

Short stories are a great way to make money as a writer. They're also a great way to practice your craft. There's no better way to practice writing than writing something you know will be read. 

You can sell your short stories to publishers. Even publish them yourself through self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing or Wattpad.

Short story writing is one of the most effective ways for new writers to start making money. From the work while still honing their skills in storytelling, plot development, character development, dialogue, and prose style.

How much do Story writers Make?

It depends on the magazines and publishers you are writing for. Some fiction/drama writers earn up to $15,000 a month. 

You can get decent money for a story if the publication you write for is popular. Most publications will pay you $200 to $100 per page. 

You can do the math if you write a story with several pages.

Paid online magazine for short stories

The websites listed below have opportunities for different types of English language texts. So choose a website that suits your style and start earning money as you like.

Make Money Writing Short Stories: 9 Websites that Pay

Here are some popular online magazines and publications that reward talented writers for their creative ideas:


Agni is a literary magazine that publishes short stories and poetry. This magazine allows aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts to publish their work. And get paid for the articles accordingly. Agni generally accepts manuscripts between September 1 and May 31.

You can submit your manuscript by mail or automatically. Your articles have no word limit, but the length determines whether the article will be published. Your short story or essay cannot be in the romance, mystery, horror, or science fiction genre. The magazine is interested in personal stories, memoirs, think pieces, quotes, and essays.

Suppose these genres sound like you. It is OK to send your work, but you can only send one story and five poems at a time. Your manuscript must not have been previously published or appeared elsewhere. The text should be double-spaced and page numbered.

Payment information

Agni charges $10 per page for a poem or essay and $20 for poetry. Remember that the magazine must accept your manuscript before you can pay.


Are you a fan of science and enjoy the great idea of ​​science fiction stories? If Yes, then you have a chance to publish your science fiction world. Analogue is a well-known science fiction magazine that publishes some of the best science fiction with a straight scientific basis. It also publishes factual articles on leading research in science. Analog publishes articles on merit. It looks professional and realistic science fiction. You can also submit a photo of your work. Like most authors, the photo must be visually appealing and relevant to your story. Factual articles and stories are also an option for this magazine. They only allow six articles and four stories or essays. Remember to attach a cover letter to your manuscript. Your name and date of publication, and check the manuscript format on the website before publishing. You can submit your work through their online portal.

Payment information

Payment is subject to acceptance. Analog is charged 8–10 cents per word for short fiction (up to 20,000 words). The 6 cents per word for serials (40,000–80,000 words). The 9 cents per word for factual titles and $1 per line for poetry. They also charge $1200 for a color cover image and $125 for a black and white cover.

The sun

A world-renowned magazine that has published many stories and articles on various topics worldwide. And they reached the right audience. Fortunately, it is currently open to authors. The Sun publishes personal essays, stories, and poetry, particularly innovative pieces on political and cultural issues. Although there is no word limit on text, the magazine does not publish anything over 7,000 words. You can submit your work online as well as by mail. For online submission, you can create your identity on the website and use the online portal to submit the work.

Payment Information

Personal essays and fiction are paid in the range of $300 to $2000. Poetry is paid between $20 and $100. Payment is due upon acceptance, so before submitting a manuscript.

Check out the sample poems provided on The Sun's website, so you know what you're entitled to for writing them.


Clarkesworld is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes monthly stories and articles. The magazine is looking for science fiction with good written language. And they are written in a style that is easy to read on screen. So it is better to avoid long paragraphs. The story should also be worth listening to. Applications are in English language only. When writing a story for submission, avoid some quotes listed on the Clark World website and follow the guidelines. Your story must be between 1000 and 22000 words and must be submitted online. You can also submit non-fiction essays. But again, you should follow the guidelines on the website and avoid topics that are not only helpful for your essay. Non-fiction essays should be a maximum of 2500 words. You can submit your artwork if you are a talented artist or designer.

Payment Information

The magazine pays its authors by PayPal or check. However, international authors can also opt for a wire transfer. For fiction, the company pays its writers 10 cents a word.

One Story

Another Story is a non-profit literary magazine that allows readers of all ages and backgrounds to publish their stories. The submission period is from 15th January to 31st May and from 3rd September to 14th November. The ideal word length for stories is 3000 to 8000 words. You can submit your work online through their portal. The file export format is PDF, RTF, or TXT, and it must be less than 500KB. You can write an essay on any subject or topic of your choice. A Story also has a Teens section: A Story for Teens, where you can publish your work if you're aged 1-13. You can choose a story or a teen story, but not both. Concurrent submissions are not allowed, and your work must not be previously published. You need to provide the title of your story, your name, and details in the cover letter of your manuscript.

Payment Information

A Story pays its writers $1,000 per submission.

Daily Science Fiction

Science Fiction Daily is a publishing platform that publishes daily science fiction stories. The platform is looking for intelligent and original science fiction narratives. Yes, length is an essential factor in everyday science fiction. Your story may get published if shorter than another good long story. You can submit stories from 100 to 1500 words. Your story should be science fiction but not horror, so follow the instructions on the website before submitting it. Stories are submitted through an online form with instructions provided on the website. You can also post your artwork on this platform.

Payment Information

Articles sell for 8 cents per word.


Carve Magazine accepts short stories, non-fiction, and poetry throughout. The year and publishes them on its online platform or in its print and digital editions. The magazine is looking for original writing and poetry with emotional depth. There is no time limit for submission, so you can easily submit your work online or by mail. The word limit for both fiction and non-fiction is a maximum of 10,000. The minimum length and a maximum of 2,000 for prose do not matter. Carve only searches literary texts and does not publish genres such as horror, mystery, fantasy, etc. Before submitting your work, include a cover letter. Suppose your manuscript is not accepted into Carve. But is published elsewhere, the journal will also publish your manuscript in its journal, and you will be compensated.

Payment Information

Fairytales cost $20; Nonfiction and poetry $25.


Penpee is an online reading platform allowing writers to post stories and earn through their comments. To submit a story, you must register and choose a membership plan, including a free membership plan and a premium. Writers with free membership can write up to 3,000 words per story, 400 to 600 words per page. With a paid membership, you can write up to 12,000 words. Once your story is submitted, you will receive credit for the number of times the story is read. Credits are one per page. You will earn 70% credits from paid membership and 45% from free membership. Then you will earn based on 2 pence per credit rate.

Payment Information

You earn through credit, and then you can withdraw the balance through PayPal. Your balance must be less than 5 pounds. You can also withdraw money through bank accounts in other countries.


The Great Readers and Writers Platform is not only about fulfilling your passion for writing. You can earn from it. Wattpad invites some of its writers to its paid program. Stories are selected based on their originality, creativity, and of course, market value. This opportunity is only available to some Wattpad authors. Remember all of the writing opportunities listed above. Only pay when your article or story is selected for publication on their platform so that these platforms will compete if you are a good writer and have the skills to create unique pieces of literature. This is an excellent opportunity for you not only to earn money but also to expand your writing portfolio.

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