How to Make Money Online from YouTube in 2022

How to Make Money Online from YouTube in 2022


If you want to make money on YouTube, you probably already know that it's not as easy as it used to be. Gone are the days when you could upload a video and watch the views roll in. In its place is a competitive landscape of working Youtubers who have worked hard to build audiences for themselves. In many cases, these audiences are similar to the one you're trying to build. So how do you stand out? This question has led many would-be video creators off their path of making money online. But fear not! If you're willing to work hard and learn from others' mistakes (like I was), then there are still plenty of ways for new YouTubers like yourself to succeed and make money.

Youtube is a massive platform that has over a billion monthly users.

As the second most popular website in the world, YouTube is a massive platform that has over a billion monthly users. That's more than any other social media platform, including Facebook and Instagram. In fact, they have over a billion hours of video watched each day—that's almost as many hours as there are in one year!

That means that if you want to make money on YouTube, you need to find your niche and get into it as quickly as possible before everyone else does. Let's take a look at how we can do this with our own example: Nerdfighteria!

On Youtube, there are people making six-figure incomes or even more.

There are many ways to make money on YouTube 2022. You can make money through YouTube AdSense, affiliate marketing, and licensing your content.

  • Through YouTube Adsense: In order to get your channel monetized you will have to meet the set criteria by Google and then they will review the application and if it is found to be eligible, they will approve it and then enable monetization on your videos. You can also apply for Adsense manually without waiting for someone at Google to reach out but there are chances that you may miss out on this opportunity because there are millions of people who apply for Adsense every single month but only a fraction of them actually get approved by Google which means that competition is very high here as well!
  • By Selling Courses/eBooks: This method is not so easy because there are some other requirements like having great sales copywriting skills etc., which most people might not be able to do well enough though it does work for some people!

Adsense is one way to make money on Youtube, but it's not the only way.

If you want to make money on YouTube, however, there are other ways to do it. You can sell courses and ebooks through your own website or as a PDF. If you have an audience that's interested in what you're talking about, this is the easiest way to make money. When people purchase something from your site, they'll leave their name and email address in exchange for the product. You can then use that information to market future products or services directly to them without having to spend any extra money marketing yourself all over again!

You don't need millions of views to make money on youtube at this time.

It's also worth noting that you don't need millions of views to monetize your channel. The exact number of views needed varies from one account to another, but it's usually in the hundreds or thousands. You can start making money on YouTube with just a few thousand views—and you don't need a big audience for that, either.

You'll make money on YouTube if you have just a few subscribers, as well; even though most people associate YouTube with viral videos and multi-million subscriber channels, it's still possible to make some extra cash with a small following. If all else fails and there are no viewers at all (or they're just not interested in what you're doing), then consider making money off sponsored content instead: It requires less investment up front while still providing an opportunity for revenue sharing down the line if things go well!

One way to make money on youtube is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising for which you are paid a commission when someone clicks on your link and buys something.

This could be anything from a physical product to an online course.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it's not limited to just one type of product or service—you can pretty much promote any company's products as long as they have an affiliate program set up.

For example, if I wanted to start selling my own coffee mugs online through Amazon Prime Now, all I would have to do is find a great mug at an affordable price (and make sure they had stock!) and then create a review video on YouTube that featured my new favorite mug brand and link out directly from there!

For some people this might seem like "selling out" but there are so many opportunities out there today where artists can work with brands without having their integrity compromised because they know what they're talking about when it comes down to making quality content no matter what audience happens across them first - whether it's through social media platforms like Facebook Live videos or Instagram stories; podcasting; blogging; etc...

You can sell courses and ebooks as another way to make money on youtube.

You can also sell your content as a PDF or ebook. Ebooks are great for information products, like how-to guides, checklists, and cheat sheets. You can sell your ebooks on online marketplaces like Amazon or Gumroad.

You can also create video courses to teach viewers a specific skill that you know well. If you have any skills you're particularly good at and want to share with the world, this is the best way to do it! The course could be an hour long or ten hours long depending on what you want your audience to learn from it. You'll need editing software like Adobe After Effects (or some other video editing software) in order to create a high-quality product that people will actually want to purchase from their devices while they're watching their favorite YouTubers' videos rather than trying out something new themselves.

Another way to make money on youtube is licensing your content.

You can also make money on YouTube by licensing your content to other companies. This is a little more complicated than just posting a video, but the rewards are worth it. Here are some examples of companies that have licensed content from YouTubers:

  • Marvel used videos to promote their movies like Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. They paid some YouTube stars in order to use their videos as a promotion for the movies they were making. Some of these YouTubers were paid $100,000 per video!
  • Red Bull paid vloggers who filmed themselves doing things like free-running or BASE jumping in exchange for being able to use those videos in advertisements for energy drinks such as Red Bull itself. That's right—you could be paid millions just because someone wants to advertise its product!

If you want your videos licensed by companies like these two examples above (or any other company), there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order for them not only to get permission from you but also to guarantee payment if they use it commercially on TV or online platforms like social media pages where ads appear before viewing content starts playing automatically when someone clicks “play” button next time out loud etcetera...

There are many ways you can start earning money on youtube today by creating quality content that benefits others.

It’s time to stop thinking about YouTube as a place for cat videos and vloggers. With the power of Google behind it, YouTube has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Many people are now making money from their channels and streams.

In this article, we will look at how you can start earning money on your channel today by creating quality content that benefits others.


We’re sure you’ve gotten a sense of just how profitable Youtube can be for both people and businesses. The key is to start today, not tomorrow. We can’t predict what the future holds for content creators on Youtube, but we do know that its defining feature will continue to be its immense size and diversity. The quicker you get started creating videos on this platform, the sooner you can start making money. And if you’re still unsure about this whole thing after reading our guide (which is totally understandable), then we recommend watching some of these ten inspiring channels:

They say that if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you, and this applies very well when starting your channel as well!

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