What to Do If You've Been in a Car Accident in San Antonio

What to Do If You've Been in a Car Accident in San Antonio


If you've been involved in an auto accident in San Antonio, it's important to know your rights and legal options. Many car accident injuries can be avoided by following some simple steps immediately after the crash. If you're unsure about what to do or whom to call, check out this helpful guide on what to do if you've been in a car accident in San Antonio.


Tips if you were involved in a rear-end collision

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents that occur on roads across America. These accidents account for nearly 40 percent of all traffic fatalities each year. If you have been involved in a rear-end collision, you should always exchange information with other parties and seek immediate medical attention if necessary.


Tips if you were involved in an intersection collision

Collisions that happen at intersections (when two cars collide while turning at or entering an intersection) are dangerous because both cars tend to hit each other nearly head-on. This type of crash typically happens when one or both drivers fail to stop completely and there's some sort of miscommunication between them. Because so much weight is packed into relatively small spaces, you could sustain serious injuries if you don't wear a seatbelt, take any hard hits on your body and try not to move until help arrives. Contact an auto accident attorney right away for more information about how you can protect yourself against insurance claims, penalties, and fines. A lawyer will do everything possible to secure fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage from anyone who caused your accident through negligence or recklessness.

Tips if you were involved in a T-bone collision

1. Take photos of all damage, including your vehicle and any other property (i.e., pedestrians or other vehicles) that may have been damaged. 2. Contact your insurance company for an insurance estimate. 3. Call 911, even if there are no injuries or fatalities. 4. For further legal advice, contact a car accident attorney in San Antonio tx. 5. Remain calm at all times and never admit fault before consulting with professionals who will help you resolve your situation quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road faster!


Things you should do following a collision

After an accident, there are some things you can do that might make it easier for your attorney to prove fault and win your case. First, take pictures of all visible damage. Write down anything you remember about what happened leading up to or during the crash. Taking these steps immediately following an accident can help refresh your memory if you suffer from memory loss after hitting your head. Also, call law enforcement right away and file a police report (or ask officers at the scene if they will file one). Finally, contact medical staff right away: They can assess injuries and provide testimony later on if needed.


Post-collision procedures that could help your case

In order to get your car repaired, it’s important to take detailed photos of your vehicle. This can help when you’re trying to file an insurance claim and determine whether or not you need to get outside assistance. In some cases, if you don’t document what happened right after a collision, you may miss valuable evidence that could help win your case. It’s also smart not just to take pictures of any car damage, but to take pictures of any other witnesses (like pedestrians who might have seen what happened) or nearby security cameras that may have caught part of what occurred. Lastly, it’s always important after an accident to check on other drivers and passengers involved; especially those who were injured.

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