Top Home Phone & Internet Bundle Deals

Top Home Phone & Internet Bundle Deals


It used to be that the internet was something you went to the library or the coffee shop to access. Now, it’s an integral part of our lives. Not only do we use it to keep in touch with friends and family, but we use it to research purchases, pay bills, and learn new skills.


AT&T U-verse Bundles

AT&T U-verse offers a selection of bundles to suit your needs. With one low price, you get affordable high-speed internet and home phone service all in one package. Your U-verse home phone service features clear sound quality, caller ID, and call waiting. Enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling in the continental United States (subject to certain restrictions). You can also sign up for an optional U-verse TV service for more entertainment choices for just $10 more per month, which includes up to 225 channels, with over 99% of households receiving at least one HD channel. Plus you'll get AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots at no extra charge. To get these great deals on bundles from AT&T U-verse call today!


Home Phone + Internet Plans at Verizon

Verizon offers home phone and internet bundle packages, which allow you to save money by purchasing both services at once. By bundling your home phone and internet into one monthly bill, you can ensure that your business will stay connected when you’re on the go. Plus, Verizon bundles have several attractive benefits, such as free installation and no activation fees.


Time Warner Cable Bundles

One of Time Warner Cable’s most popular home phone and internet bundles is their TWC TV, Road Runner® Broadband, and Digital Home Phone. With no contract commitment and competitive prices, it’s one of Time Warner Cable’s most popular packages. Plans start as low as $29.99 per month when bundled with TWC TV (24 months). You can add HD service for an additional $10 per month or DVR service for an additional $20 per month (per box)... Road Runner offers blazing fast speeds up to 15 Mbps as well as free 24/7 live customer support. Another benefit is free Road Runner Protection Advanced against viruses that attacks your PC when you connect to infected sites at home via Wi-Fi.


Charter Cable Home Phone and Internet

Charter offers one of the most affordable home phone and internet bundle deals. $29.99/month includes a landline phone and high-speed internet with a download speed up to 60 Mbps. Charter's 2-year agreement provides customers with a $100 bill credit toward any services and keeps monthly costs stable for 24 months. *Bundle discount requires combined home phone + internet plan and bundled billing on 1 account in select service areas. Charter Internet Plans: Available throughout Charter’s footprint, Charter’s High-Speed Internet plans provide download speeds starting at 30 Mbps, which may vary based on location or device capabilities, wireless interference, environmental conditions, or other factors affecting the availability of service.) Speeds may not be available in all areas; please call for details.


Direct TV Satellite Packages - TV, Internet, Home Phone Combo

A home phone and internet bundle is a great way to get more for your money, saving you both time and money. By bundling services, customers can save 50% or more on two separate bills. A bundle provides seamless communication between TV, home phone, and the internet making it easier to share pictures on Facebook with your friends when they're looking at their phones while you're watching TV. In addition, many bundles come with added bonus features like free weekend long-distance and unlimited long-distance calling in North America (in many cases Mexico and Canada too). Comparing TV packages is easy as there are literally hundreds of plans available online that let consumers customize their experience however they'd like. A simple TV package comparison search will bring up results for local service providers who have availability in specific areas.


CenturyLink High-Speed Packages

With CenturyLink's High-Speed Internet and home phone service, you will get some of the best high-speed internet deals in your area. If you want your family to enjoy fast connections and crystal clear conversations, check out some of our most popular broadband packages. With 100% digital phone service, voice mail, caller ID, and conference calling included, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy their CenturyLink Home Phone service. Don’t miss out on getting a Home Phone deal that fits your unique needs! These are just a few options from our best home phone and internet bundle deals that we have available for homes in San Jose. Call today for more information about what each package has to offer! Take advantage of one of these amazing bundles at an unbeatable price today!

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