Scholarship for Pakistani Students

Scholarship for Pakistani Students


For Pakistani students, going abroad to study or to work on internships can be difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there are scholarship programs out there for them, as well as many other students from around the world, who can help them earn the degrees they want without accruing an insurmountable amount of debt in the process. Read on to learn more about scholarships available to international students and how you can secure one of your own!


Scholarship Programs For Pakistani Students in Canada

In addition to popular and important scholarship programs for international students, like Canada’s post-graduation work permit and study permit extensions, there are scholarships that have been created just for Canadian citizens who are of Pakistani descent. Here is a list of some of these programs: –Pakistan Youth Opportunity Scholarship Fund– In cooperation with Pakistan’s Minister of Human Resource Development, YOSF (Youth Opportunities Scholarship Fund) has been helping Pakistani students attend graduate school in Canada since 1993. Undergraduate and graduate-level students from Pakistan can apply to receive up to $1000 in funding as long as they are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at one of Canada’s leading universities.


Scholarships for Pakistanis in Europe

If you’re a Pakistani student planning to study in Europe, there are plenty of scholarships available to help cover your expenses. Most scholarships are reserved for EU students, but fortunately, Europeans and non-Europeans have some scholarship opportunities in common. For example, you can apply for The British Council Education Advisers Scholarships and send one or two members of your family to Britain as a part of its scheme. You must also make sure that you fulfill each organization’s specific requirements before applying; individual scholarship requirements vary. Here is an important list of Scholarships offered by organizations around Pakistan.


Scholarships For Pakistanis in America

Scholarships can provide Pakistanis in America with an opportunity to study without worrying about paying tuition. For many students, a scholarship is a much-needed financial aid, but it’s not necessarily easy to find one and apply. When trying to find scholarships, students should look into resources that serve their needs most directly. For example, if you’re studying to become a doctor, then you might look into applying for scholarships through your medical school or student organization. If you want help finding scholarship opportunities as a Pakistani living in America, check out Fastweb's Financial Aid section today. The site provides detailed information on how to find scholarships and links to free tools that can help streamline your search for cash assistance.


Scholarships for Pakistanis in the UK

If you are a higher education student from Pakistan in search of scholarships, there is good news for you. There are several institutions that offer partial and full scholarships to Pakistanis willing to further their studies in England. You can apply to these or may also want to check out other options available. If you need any help with visa processing or setting up your account, feel free to contact us.


Scholarships for Pakistani students in Australia

If you are a student of Pakistan who is looking for scholarships to study in Australia then the good news is there are different scholarships available through which you can get financial help from the government and other sources. Pakistan Australia Foundation (PAF) Scholarship-Pakistani students who want to study abroad in any field are eligible. You have to apply as per your need. They will look after all expenses and provide books and accommodation during your studies, provided that you maintain excellent grades throughout your stay in Australia.

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