New York Construction Accident Lawyers-The Who, What, and Where

New York Construction Accident Lawyers-The Who, What, and Where


Construction workers in New York City who are injured at work are usually covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, so long as they are working on-site and not traveling to the job site (such as those who commute to their jobs). In these cases, the worker’s employer will likely be responsible for paying the worker’s medical bills and paying him or her disability benefits until he or she can return to work. However, that doesn’t mean that workers should simply accept their injuries without doing anything else; every construction worker should speak with an experienced New York construction accident lawyer about their options after a workplace injury.


The litigation process

After you or a loved one is injured in an accident on construction property or at a worksite, your next step should be to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The litigation process is long and often complicated, but there are a few key steps that can help you get through it. First, understand your legal rights as defined by New York law. Depending on the severity of your injuries, these rights may include filing a lawsuit against


How do you know if you need an attorney?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a construction accident, do not worry alone; a New York construction accident lawyer can help. While every injury case is different, there are some commonalities that every construction worker should be aware of. It is important to understand how serious an on-the-job accident can be to ensure your rights are protected. Knowledge is power when it comes to preserving your future financial well-being after an on-the-job injury.


When do you need an attorney?

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing a lawyer for your personal injury case. To begin with, does it even make sense to hire an attorney in your situation? Many people injured on construction sites would be better off filing a claim through their own insurance company than hiring a lawyer, who might or might not help them get more money out of their situation. However, if you feel like you’ve been seriously wronged—perhaps because your injury has made it impossible to work—you should speak with a local personal injury attorney to see if they can help. One factor that matters is how much time has passed since your accident; state law places time limits on when you have to file claims (in most cases) which should be kept in mind when hiring an attorney.

What questions should you ask a potential firm?

How many years have you been in business? Do you have any previous cases like mine? What are my chances of winning? Will I be able to talk to someone every time I call your office? How will you handle my case if we do not win money at trial? Are you familiar with all of New York's personal injury laws? Is it possible for me to get a second opinion on what I am being charged by your firm? Can I trust you with my sensitive financial information (medical bills, insurance policies)? These are some questions that may come up when interviewing potential lawyers. In order to find a lawyer with experience dealing with construction accidents in New York, it is important to ask these questions during initial interviews.


Choose the right firm for your needs

When you’re looking for a personal injury attorney in New York City, there are several factors to consider. For example, will you be dealing with an attorney or paralegal? How much do they charge? Do they handle a variety of cases (truck accidents, slips, and falls) or specialize in one particular field (medical malpractice)? The answers to these questions help narrow down your search. To get started on your search for an NYC construction accident lawyer call 888-886-8997.


How can lawyers help me get compensation?

If you have been hurt in a construction accident at a job site or on your way to work, you may have some basic questions about how New York construction accident lawyers can help. One of these questions may be how can lawyers help me get compensation? The personal injury lawyers of Hoffberger & Lyon LLP are here to answer your questions and provide legal advice based on more than 30 years of experience helping people recover compensation after they’ve been injured. Call our offices today so we can learn more about your specific situation. Our team is standing by ready to offer their expertise as soon as possible. The faster we start building your case, the better chance you have at getting full financial recovery from any negligent parties involved in causing your injuries or death.


How do I find an attorney in my area?

If you’ve been hurt at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, before filing a claim with your employer or its insurance company, you may want to speak with an attorney in your area who specializes in work injury claims. Workers’ compensation attorneys are best equipped to inform you of what rights and responsibilities your state has established for employees injured on the job. Though workers’ compensation attorneys can help injured employees obtain financial benefits from their employers' insurance companies – if one exists – these attorneys are not typically involved in a personal injury case where someone else is liable for an employee's injuries due to dangerous workplace conditions or defective equipment.


How much will it cost to hire an attorney?

New York construction accident lawyers can cost between $50-$200 an hour for both contract attorneys and partners. This doesn’t include expenses such as staff costs or billing. Your best bet is to ask a lawyer how much their services will cost before hiring them. You may even be able to negotiate down depending on your case. Also remember that many personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay unless they win your case for you.

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